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Woman faces drunk driving charges after fatal accident

The death of a child is a tragedy beyond words. To lose a child in an accident is a devastation from which many families do not recover. However, to be the one held responsible for the accident that resulted in the child's death may be just as unbearable. One woman is facing drunk driving charges along with the knowledge that the Nebraska accident that occurred while she was behind the wheel resulted in the death of a 6-year-old girl.

The Nebraska State Patrol and the Dawes County Sheriff's Office are continuing their investigation into the events that took place on a recent Saturday. A van carrying six people crashed after the driver allegedly lost control of the vehicle. The van left the roadway and rolled, injuring the three adults and three children inside. Two of the children suffered injuries serious enough to require life-flight transportation. The day after the accident, the 6-year-old girl died as a result of her injuries.

Men face drug charges after traffic stop and search

When police pull over a driver for a routine traffic stop, the officers usually cannot conduct a search of the vehicle or its occupants without a warrant or probable cause. Often, probable cause is a subjective matter, and the officer may use his or her own observations to prove there was a good reason to instigate a search. Recently, two out-of-state men were arrested on drug charges by Nebraska police following a search of their vehicle.

The men apparently ran a stop sign on a recent Friday afternoon. The traffic violation caught the attention of state police officers who pulled the car over. While news reports give no details, they do state that the passenger in the car allegedly said or did something to raise the suspicions of the troopers. Officers subsequently searched the car and reportedly found illegal drugs and paraphernalia.

Criminal defense strategies following street fight

When a crowd becomes disorderly, chaos may ensue, and those involved may react in unpredictable ways. At times, it may be difficult to determine when someone is acting or merely reacting to the situation. The motives behind someone's behaviors may be considered as part of a criminal defense strategy if the incident leads to an arrest. One Omaha woman was recently arrested during a melee that has some questioning the actions of a police officer.

Police responded to reports of a fight and arrived to find a large crowd gathered around a man who was cursing and shouting at another person. The man's girlfriend was reportedly holding his hand and refused to let go when police attempted to take him into custody. One officer apparently pushed her hand away, but the 24-year-old woman allegedly refused to back away despite police shouting for her to move back.

Protecting self financially critical during divorce

Money matters can easily plague a marriage, and likewise, they can plague the dissolution of a marriage in Nebraska. Unfortunately, divorcing couples may have trouble reconciling their differences in opinion regarding how to handle their money and other valuable marital assets. A couple of tips may help those going through divorce to protect themselves from a financial standpoint.

Those going through divorce who know what they will likely end up walking away with, in terms of assets, may benefit from creating budgets from their assets, expenses and income sources. Once their budgets are created, they can develop strong financial plans for covering their goals and obligations. For instance, they can calculate how much money to put aside each month to cover future retirement.

Marital property laws in Nebraska - the basics

Divorce is hard. Parting with a significant portion of your marital property makes it even harder. It is rare for the divorce to end with one spouse deciding to let the other take everything. This is why it is important to understand the marital property laws that govern divorce in Nebraska. In order to ensure that you walk away with a fair settlement, it is important to understand how the court makes decisions regarding property division.

In general, the court considers everything you acquired during your marriage to be marital property. This means that your home in Omaha, the furniture you bought, your cars and even credit card debt accumulated during your marriage is all subject to the state's marital property division laws. Read further to find out more about the marital property laws in Nebraska.

Back-to-school child custody issues for Nebraska parents

The first day of school is often stressful for parents. While trying to keep the morning positive for the children, parents must deal with preparing lunches, making sure everyone is ready while also getting to their own daily appointments. If a Nebraska parent has spent the summer going through a divorce, there may be additional strain in the home on the first day of school, especially if child custody issues are still unresolved.

Family advocates recommend that parents try to focus exclusively on the children during the first days of a new school year. If tensions are high between the parents, children may carry that stress with them into the school day, making it difficult for them to concentrate and do well. One step a parent can take to make the day as cheerful as possible may be inviting the other parent to be part of the morning. If this is not possible, taking a picture to send to the other parent may demonstrate a positive co-parenting gesture.

Nebraska man faces 4th drunk driving arrest

Understandably, Nebraska police want to keep dangerous drivers off the road so that motorists can travel safely to their destinations. This means being on the lookout for signs of drunk driving. Before pulling a vehicle over to determine if the driver is intoxicated, officers usually have some probable cause. If the officer's probable cause is successfully challenged in a court of law, any pending charges against the driver could be dismissed.

Recently, an officer noticed a vehicle around 9 p.m. and reported that the vehicle was crossing the center line and repeatedly traveling on the shoulder. The supposedly erratic behavior of the driver prompted the officer to pull him over. It was then that the officer asked the driver to submit to field sobriety tests, which he allegedly failed. A breath test in the field registered the driver's blood alcohol content at .274, well over the legal limit of .08.

DUI penalties in Nebraska can completely change your life

Getting arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in Nebraska can cause a wide range of issues. Despite widespread problems with field sobriety tests, inaccuracies and user error in breath tests and medical conditions that create false positives on both tests, many assume that those charged with a DUI are guilty before the accused ever get to court. This social prejudice can cause a host of issues, from loss of a job as a result of your criminal charges to problems with social relationships.

Of course, those issues are nothing compared with the legal and criminal consequences of a DUI charge in Nebraska. A single mistake or medical event could end up altering the course of your life. It's important to understand your rights, including the right to a defense, as well as the potential legal consequences of a conviction or guilty plea. While you may feel tempted to plead guilty to "get it over with," doing so could prove to be a major mistake.

Planning may be solid protection in case of divorce

Couples getting married are often full of jitters, concerned for what might go wrong at the wedding. It may be difficult for engaged couples in Nebraska to consider the possibilities of what may go wrong in the marriage. Divorce is not something newlyweds want to consider, but if it becomes a reality, it is likely to be fraught with emotions. This is why careful preparation is recommended when the couple is feeling positive about their relationship.

Prenuptial agreements can be pretty straightforward. The partners, each receiving individual legal counsel, can agree on the division of assets and even responsibilities within the marriage. However, there are a number of elements that tend to be forgotten when drafting a premarital agreement. For example, the couple can decide that gifts they exchange – including an engagement ring – remain the property of the recipient instead of becoming marital property.

8 mile chase on gravel roads ends with drunk driving charges

Attempting to evade a traffic stop can be dangerous, and the ensuing police chase could lead to increased suspicion of criminal activity. Many individuals have been arrested under similar circumstances, and have faced additional charges as a result. A 61-year-old man in Nebraska could be preparing for the road ahead by focusing on his defense after he was arrested for drunk driving following an alleged eight mile chase.

According to reports, the incident began with the report of a disturbance at a local trucking company on a recent Friday evening. Upon arriving at the location, police claim that one of the men allegedly involved in the dispute left the scene. After attempting to initiate a traffic stop, they claim he began to flee, reportedly leading to an eight mile police chase on gravel roads.

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