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Criminal defense: Many accused of stealing mail

Even with the advances in technology allowing people to direct deposit paychecks, make purchases and pay bills online, many people still rely on the post office to deliver important items. In rural areas, those envelopes may sit vulnerable in mailboxes for hours before the residents retrieve them. Some Nebraska neighbors are concerned following a rash of mail theft, and criminal defense may benefit the man accused of the crime.

One recent morning, police responded to numerous calls of someone stealing mail from a rural neighborhood. When police arrived, they found a car fitting the callers' descriptions had driven into a ditch. Reports say the driver of the car attempted to steal a passing pickup truck. He allegedly climbed into the driver's lap and tried to accelerate to escape police. When this did not work, he is said to have exited the truck and attempted to run.

Divorce often results when resentment builds

Married couples alone understand the factors that lead to their marriages breaking up. In some cases, if the couple fails to communicate, even the spouses may not fully understand what went wrong. Waiting until minor issues become major problems is one common reason why a couple may end up in a Nebraska divorce court. By that time, resentment between the couple may be too deep to repair.

Couples who never discuss their problems or graze over them as if they aren't serious may find those issues piling up until they reach a critical state. The longer spouses ignore problems between them, the harder it may be to work through those problems. Some of those issues include sharing household chores and helping to manage the family schedule. If one spouse feels the other does not fully participate in the family or share responsibility for the children, that spouse may give up on the partnership.

Women face drug charges after found with pot in car

The alarming increase of drug addiction and overdoses means Nebraska police are vigilant in their duties to enforce laws regarding drug possession. The laws provide varying degrees of punishment, depending on the type and amount of drugs people possess when police arrest or search them. Even a small amount of an illegal substance can result in drug charges, as two local women recently learned.

A sheriff's deputy was patrolling a county road when he came upon a car stopped in the bike lane with its parking lights on. The officer pulled over to see if the driver needed assistance. When he approached the car, the officer claims he saw smoke coming from the car and smelled the odor of burning marijuana. There were two women in the car, a 19-year-old in the driver's seat and an 18-year-old passenger.

Man protests child custody situation outside courthouse

Some parents in Nebraska may be grateful for a man in another state who has taken a public stand outside a courthouse in his area. The man is calling for 50/50 child custody laws, saying children need both parents, and parents deserve equal time with their children. The way it stands, not every child custody arrangement includes equal amounts of time with both parents.

The man says that, unless there are extenuating circumstances that lead the court to believe such contact would be detrimental to children in some way, then parents who divorce should automatically be granted shared custody in equal time allotments. He says he will continue to fight for changes because he understands that children will be affected by such situations long after he's gone from this world. In this and all other states, the court is the final voice of authority in all child-related matters.

What you need to know about identity theft

Identity theft is a problem that the government is taking very seriously. There are several actions that can lead to a person being accused of identity fraud, so it is important to find out how identity theft laws apply to your case if you are dealing with these accusations.

In Nebraska, there are several things that can impact the type of charge and the consequences if you are facing identity theft charges. Understanding some of the factors that can impact your case might help you as you work to create a defense plan.

Children of divorce fear confrontation at graduation

Children are often caught in the middle of a divorce, especially if the breakup is highly contentious. However, even in a relatively civil divorce, a child may feel like the center of conflict. Parents in Nebraska may disagree over child support issues, custody decisions and visitation schedules, creating situations where children may feel like pawns.

Special occasions may be especially hard for children of divorced parents. If they remember sensing or overhearing confrontation prior to Christmas, summer vacations or birthday celebrations, they may be dreading the same tension as they approach their high school graduation. This momentous event typically brings families together to celebrate the accomplishment of a child, and families torn by divorce may have a difficult time putting their personal feelings aside for the occasion.

Many admit to drunk driving for various reasons

Few people in Nebraska will doubt that a lot has changed in the way society views and deals with people who drive after drinking alcohol. Despite the millions of dollars spent on educational programs and public awareness campaigns, drunk driving is still a problem that law enforcement deals with regularly. A recent study reveals some interesting facts about the state of drunk driving prevention and the drivers most likely to risk getting behind the wheel after drinking.

The reasons why people drive drunk may not be surprising. Most people who drive after drinking are trying to get home. However, about 25 percent of the respondents admit heading to another bar or to a liquor store when they were probably too drunk to drive. The problem is that, apparently, many younger drivers do not realize when they have had too much to drink. They may feel fine, but their blood alcohol concentration is over the legal limit.

Criminal defense for child may hinge on understanding of rights

Parents may find themselves struggling over the finer points of raising children. After all, disciplining appropriately is a delicate balance, and going too far may have psychological repercussions. However, it is not often one hears of an 8-year-old whose parents are focused on seeking a criminal defense strategy for their child. Nevertheless, following a tragic incident in his backyard, one Nebraska child finds himself at the center of a strange legal battle.

Omaha police admitted they could have handled the situation better after they arrested the child in his third grade class. The boy was escorted to the police station and booked on charges of second degree felony assault, although those charges have not been formally filed. The arrest stemmed from an incident near the child's house when he allegedly picked up a rock to throw. Witnesses say the boy yelled for his sister and a neighboring boy to duck before throwing the rock. The 8-year-old neighbor apparently did not duck, and the rock struck him in the head.

YouTube parents lose child custody after videos go viral

YouTube fans and opponents in Nebraska and across the country formed varying opinions of a man and woman who posted videos of so-called pranks on their five children. Two of the children, who are not the biological children of the woman, seemed to receive the worst of the pranks. The videos often included the parents screaming and swearing at their children, accusing them of doing things they did not do and breaking their toys. Those parents are now facing child custody issues.

The children's biological mother, who lives in another state, said she lost custody of the two children after contentious litigation with the man, to whom she was not married. When she saw the videos in October, she says she reported them to the police in her home state, but the incidents were not within that agency's jurisdiction. However, it did not take long before the videos spread across the country, and people expressed outrage at what they perceived was child abuse for entertainment.

5 things to consider when making a child custody arrangement

Your marriage lasted for a decade, but you've decided it's finally time to part. You have three kids, and you and your spouse both agree that you want to focus on them during the divorce. You're not on great terms, but you're willing to work together and help make things go as smoothly as possible.

This is a great place to start, and something many divorcing couples can't claim. If you're serious about working with your spouse, here are five things to consider while setting up your parenting plan and child custody arrangement:

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