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Follow these tips during a DUI stop

Getting pulled over by the police is not a fun activity in any circumstance, but it certainly becomes more serious and potentially carries more consequences if an officer pulls you over for suspected driving under the influence.

Nebraska penalizes shoplifting as a serious form of theft

Many people may think of shoplifting, also called retail fraud, as a relatively minor crime. Traditionally, a crime committed by young people or teenagers, shoplifting simply doesn't seem as serious to many people when compared with home invasion or armed robbery. The state of Nebraska, however, takes all forms of theft seriously, including shoplifting.

Hidden assets in a divorce could lead to unfair asset division

Most people have heard horror stories about an incredibly unbalanced outcome to divorce proceedings. People often worry, as a result of these urban legends about judicial unfairness, that they could lose everything in a divorce. In reality, that kind of outcome is incredibly rare and is typically grounded in legitimate legal reasons.

Nebraska DUI laws – the basics

What goes better with football than beer and barbeque? Not much, when you really think about it. Part of American's pastime is spending the weekends watching professional and college football, firing up the pit and tossing back a few cold ones. Unfortunately, when you get behind the wheel after spending all day tailgating that things can take a turn.

Marital property laws in Nebraska - the basics

Divorce is hard. Parting with a significant portion of your marital property makes it even harder. It is rare for the divorce to end with one spouse deciding to let the other take everything. This is why it is important to understand the marital property laws that govern divorce in Nebraska. In order to ensure that you walk away with a fair settlement, it is important to understand how the court makes decisions regarding property division.

DUI penalties in Nebraska can completely change your life

Getting arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in Nebraska can cause a wide range of issues. Despite widespread problems with field sobriety tests, inaccuracies and user error in breath tests and medical conditions that create false positives on both tests, many assume that those charged with a DUI are guilty before the accused ever get to court. This social prejudice can cause a host of issues, from loss of a job as a result of your criminal charges to problems with social relationships.

What you need to know about identity theft

Identity theft is a problem that the government is taking very seriously. There are several actions that can lead to a person being accused of identity fraud, so it is important to find out how identity theft laws apply to your case if you are dealing with these accusations.

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