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Former investigator facing theft and drug charges

Police charged a former Nebraska State Patrol investigator for his alleged involvement in the theft of a Drug Take Back program. His drug charges include two counts of possessing with the intent of distribution and one count of acquiring drug through fraud or diversion. He has also been charged with theft, for which his arrest was originally made.

Drug charges filed after Nebraska police discover fentanyl

Nebraska police say that they made one of the largest fentanyl drug busts in the United States. They arrested only one person on related drug charges. Although the discovery of the drugs and subsequent arrest were made in Nebraska, police believe that the accused individual was transporting the drugs elsewhere.

Men face drug charges after traffic stop and search

When police pull over a driver for a routine traffic stop, the officers usually cannot conduct a search of the vehicle or its occupants without a warrant or probable cause. Often, probable cause is a subjective matter, and the officer may use his or her own observations to prove there was a good reason to instigate a search. Recently, two out-of-state men were arrested on drug charges by Nebraska police following a search of their vehicle.

Drug charges follow illegal stop in Nebraska

Law enforcement often depends on someone committing a minor infraction to open the door to searches and seizures, which may, in turn, result in charges for more serious crimes. In Nebraska, the rise in drug addiction has police especially vigilant for opportunities that can lead to drug charges. However, officers must still follow the law.

Women face drug charges after found with pot in car

The alarming increase of drug addiction and overdoses means Nebraska police are vigilant in their duties to enforce laws regarding drug possession. The laws provide varying degrees of punishment, depending on the type and amount of drugs people possess when police arrest or search them. Even a small amount of an illegal substance can result in drug charges, as two local women recently learned.

Drug charges against high school student shock Nebraska town

Many people may not think of a rural town in Nebraska when they think of drug crime. However, it seems that criminal activity involving the distribution of drugs is infiltrating even the most iconic areas of the country. Nevertheless, when a small-town high school student faces drug charges, it is understandable that families and law enforcement would be concerned.

Nebraska teacher arrested on drug charges

Educators are often aware of the heavy burden placed on them to be role models and to set positive ideals for their students. Because of this, teachers may be held to a higher standard or made an example when accusations of misconduct occur. One Nebraska teacher may be facing serious repercussions in the eyes of public opinion as well as possible penalties in court after drug charges were filed against him.

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