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Holiday time can be difficult during and following divorce

When a couple decides to separate, typically, they need to make many difficult decisions. Parents may find the divorce process particularly challenging, as many of the choices they make will affect the children as well. During the holiday season, many divorcing Nebraska parents will experience additional challenges as they try to keep the season a happy, festive time for their children, while navigating new situations. To help make this time a little easier for everyone, parents can keep a few points in mind.

Estate plan should be reviewed during divorce process

When a married couple decides to separate, they must make many difficult decisions addressing various aspects of their lives: finances, property, children, etc. To make matters more difficult, many people find the divorce process an extremely emotional and stressful time. Although everything seems overwhelming at this time, Nebraska divorcing individuals are advised to review their estate plan while the divorce is in process. In doing so, a person can ensure his or her control over what happens in case of death or incapacitation during the divorce process.

Financial mistakes to avoid during divorce

Financial decisions can be difficult at the best of times. Throw in a divorce and people tend to find money matters even more challenging, and some divorcing Nebraska residents may find themselves making poor financial choices during this stressful time. A financial expert offers a few tips regarding common financial mistakes divorcing individuals should avoid, preventing them from having to sort through a financial mess later.

Divorce preparation includes becoming financially informed

When a couple marries, each partner typically assumes the union will last a lifetime, but sadly, statistics indicate that this is not always the case. Because the outcome of marriage is never guaranteed, married Nebraska residents are wise to consider and prepare for the possibility of being on their own. Even if an individual is already considering divorce, he or she can benefit from the following tips and become as informed as possible before the split happens. Many people, especially women, report feeling unprepared for the financial aftermath of their divorce. Being financially savvy can help individuals avoid some of the stress one can experience in this area post-divorce.

Report indicates student loan debt contributes to divorce

Romantic comedies and fairy tales would have audiences in Nebraska believe that once a couple walks down the aisle together and says their wedding vows, the couple has made it through the hard part of their relationship and are destined to live happily ever after. Unfortunately, these fictional portrayals are rarely a reflection of reality. Often couples struggle with a variety of issues following their marriage, sometimes resulting in a divorce.

Can I changed my divorce settlement?

Deciding to an end a marriage may not be an easy decision, but it is usually the right move for unhappy couples to make. Reaching a settlement at the end of the divorce can feel like closing the door on a less-than-ideal period of life, but for some in Nebraska, it is not necessarily the end. For those who fail to account for the future, modifications to their settlements are often necessary.

More women paying spousal, child support following divorce

Women in Nebraska and across the country have been fighting for equal treatment over the course of the last several decades. Now, some attorneys claim that they are seeing some equalization in how the family court treats men and women as part of a divorce. In fact, some attorneys say they are seeing an increase in the number of women who are paying child and spousal support.

Gray divorce usually means money discussions

Current trends show an increase in marriages breaking up for individuals over the age of 50. So many couples are calling it quits that a new term has been invented -- gray divorce. With gray divorce, property division and splitting of investments usually assumes a greater importance. Some individuals in Nebraska may need to brush up on their financial education when the time comes to separate from a partner.

Will I lose everything in my divorce?

Deciding to end your marriage can be an extremely emotional experience, and understandably so. However, these emotions can sometimes get in the way of dividing marital property. By better understanding the process, seeking guidance when necessary and remaining vigilant during proceedings, you can make sure that your divorce has the best possible outcome.

Alimony after divorce will see change under tax reform

The financial stress of ending a marriage is perhaps undeniable, but it can be mitigated. Most couples in Nebraska limit the financial implications of divorce by paying careful attention to asset division and other important processes that could affect their future stability. This includes alimony, which is not an uncommon feature of divorce. However, the way couples view this important aspect of family law could soon be changing.

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