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Criminal defense for child may hinge on understanding of rights

Parents may find themselves struggling over the finer points of raising children. After all, disciplining appropriately is a delicate balance, and going too far may have psychological repercussions. However, it is not often one hears of an 8-year-old whose parents are focused on seeking a criminal defense strategy for their child. Nevertheless, following a tragic incident in his backyard, one Nebraska child finds himself at the center of a strange legal battle.

Nebraska men plan criminal defense after Ecstasy drug accusations

Nebraska law enforcement agencies are fighting to protect people from the damage drugs can do to their lives. It is a difficult battle, and often police are not certain exactly who the enemy is. This is why arrests for drug charges, while applauded, may also be met with suspicion. The criminal defense of some who are accused of drug crimes may reveal that their rights were violated by police zealous to fight the drug war.

Are police interrogation tactics encouraging false confessions?

Given the serious consequences that accompany many felony convictions, no defendant would confess to a crime that he or she didn’t commit, right? Yet according to one former homicide detective, false confessions are obtained in far too many criminal cases.

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