Nebraska teacher arrested on drug charges

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Educators are often aware of the heavy burden placed on them to be role models and to set positive ideals for their students. Because of this, teachers may be held to a higher standard or made an example when accusations of misconduct occur. One Nebraska teacher may be facing serious repercussions in the eyes of public opinion as well as possible penalties in court after drug charges were filed against him.

The 37-year-old physical education teacher also coached the boys’ basketball team at a Nebraska elementary school. Sometime near the end of January, police received information that the teacher had allegedly sold methamphetamines in a local neighborhood. Investigators began surveillance of the man in hopes that he would lead them to others in the chain of drug crimes in the area. After two months, police executed an arrest warrant at the man’s home. Reports say that a subsequent search led to the seizure of 2 grams of meth from the man’s vehicle.

The teacher is in jail on a $100,000 bond. There is no evidence that the man sold or attempted to sell drugs to his students. However, parents are expressing emotions that the man accused of these crimes interacted daily with their children in a school setting.

Because of the serious drug epidemic in Nebraska and across the country, police are vigilant and zealous when investigating possible drug crimes. In some cases, arrests are made based on faulty information or illegally gained evidence. This is why anyone who is being investigated or who has been arrested on drug charges would benefit from contacting an attorney as soon as possible to initiate a solid defense strategy.

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