Protecting Your Financial Stability After A Divorce

Spousal support, formerly known as alimony, is not a guarantee in every divorce proceeding. However, both spouses deserve the opportunity to emerge from the divorce in a financially healthy position.

At Whelan Law Office, we have assisted Nebraska families for nearly three decades. Since 1990, founding attorney has protected the financial interests of his divorcing clients throughout a divorce. Whether you are seeking or challenging spousal support payments, we can provide sound counsel to protect your long-term interests.

How Is Spousal Support Determined?

Intended to support the financial independence of both spouses, spousal support or maintenance is considered depending on your individual situation. Courts consider several factors in deliberating on the amount and duration of alimony payments, including:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The earning ability of each spouse
  • Whether one spouse supported another through school
  • Whether one spouse was a home caretaker while the other worked
  • The ability of the potential payor to sufficiently support their spouse and themselves

Other relevant factors are dependent on the situation, including if one spouse retained the marital home or other significant assets. Ultimately, the court will consider how long the receiving spouse will need to become self-sufficient, including how long potential training or education would take.

Different Types Of Spousal Support In Nebraska

There are three main types of spousal support: temporary, rehabilitative and permanent. Temporary support typically lasts only throughout an ongoing divorce proceeding. Rehabilitative support is also temporary but lasts several months or years to enable the receiving spouse to get back on their feet. Permanent alimony has no specified end date but is typically only applicable to longer-term marriages.

We understand the concerns you may have over the potential of spousal support or maintenance payments. You may be stressed about your ability to support yourself and your ex-spouse, or your ability to support yourself and your children.

We can provide a knowledgeable perspective on what to expect throughout the duration of the divorce proceeding. We will aggressively protect your interests, with a goal of you emerging from the divorce in a healthy, stable position.

Discuss Your Concerns With A Lawyer

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