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Courts handle holiday child custody and visitation orders

Nebraska, like other states, tries to encourage the inclusion of child custody and visitation provisions into the written property division and separation agreements or stipulations that are used to resolve a contested divorce. That practice helps to formalize the agreements that the parties have negotiated regarding their minor children. These provisions, in addition to stating the nature of the child custody arrangement, will also preferably include specific provisions about visitations, including visitation schedules for the major holiday periods during the year.

This time of the year, of course, it is the Christmas and Hanukkah holidays that are relevant. For those parents who have not progressed far enough to hammer out the details of holiday visitation, some unexpected stress may develop when the parties realize that they are not in agreement about what times each parent will have with the children. This leads to many appearances in front of family law judges during the week prior to each major holiday.

Hidden assets in a divorce can lead to unfair asset division

Most people have heard horror stories about an incredibly unbalanced outcome to divorce proceedings. People often worry, as a result of these urban legends about judicial unfairness, that they could lose everything in a divorce. In reality, that kind of outcome is incredibly rare and always grounded in legitimate legal reasons, such as dissipation of marital assets prior to the divorce.

In general, the courts in Nebraska recognize that both spouses contribute to the family and household, regardless of income levels. Non-working spouses will typically still receive a fair share of the marital assets during a divorce. Unfortunately, in some cases, that could incentivize one spouse to try to hide assets from the courts prior to or during a divorce.

Divorce can be more costly as couples age

The financial implications of ending a marriage are understandably serious, but this should not stop Nebraska couples from seeking this option when necessary. With careful planning, most people can secure their financial stability after a divorce. However, one group of individuals might struggle with money post-divorce more than others.

As the average divorce rate across the United States has decreased over recent years, couples aged 50 or older are separating at higher rates. Currently, one out of every four couples in this age group will eventually go on to divorce. Unlike their younger counterparts, recovering financially after significant life changes becomes difficult, particularly when looking at retirement savings or when either party is no longer working.

Criminal defense: 3 arrested for bank robbery

Nebraska police recently arrested three men in connection with a bank robbery. Although the men allegedly managed to leave the bank with stolen funds, they were apprehended a short while later. They are all facing several charges, and it is not clear if any of the arrested men are working on their criminal defense plans yet.

On Nov. 15, 2017, three men allegedly entered an area bank with the intention of committing a robbery. Although it is not clear what transpired while they were there and police indicate that no one involved was hurt, they are all accused of using a weapon while committing a felony. The supposedly left the bank with stolen funds, but police have not disclosed how much.

Former investigator facing theft and drug charges

Police charged a former Nebraska State Patrol investigator for his alleged involvement in the theft of a Drug Take Back program. His drug charges include two counts of possessing with the intent of distribution and one count of acquiring drug through fraud or diversion. He has also been charged with theft, for which his arrest was originally made.

The Drug Take Back program was put on by the Nebraska State Patrol, and at the time, the defendant was working with the Drug Enforcement Administration -- the DEA. While working with the program, he allegedly kept controlled substances and prescription medications without entering them into evidence. Police claim he concealed the drugs in his home.

You deserve vigorous representation for child custody matters

There is much to consider when filing for divorce, including who will get the marital home, how to ensure a secure financial future and much more. However, for Nebraska parents, there is usually one issue that takes front and center -- child custody. We understand just how important your children are to you, and how a parenting plan can help make sure that their best interests are respected.

Parenting plans are key to protecting children after a divorce and provide clear details concerning physical custody, where children will spend their time and with whom. This covers more than just mom getting some days of the week and dad getting others. Parents can easily plan out where children will spend certain holidays, summers and school vacations, who will pick up and drop children off at school and even which parent will be responsible for staying home with a sick child.

Can my ex really get everything in the divorce?

It is a common trope that runs through TV and movies -- a couple splits up, and one spouse ends up with the car, marital home, most of the money and even the dog. While most marital estates are not neatly cleaved in two and then parceled out after a divorce, it is also just as unlikely that one person will leave with almost everything in tow. As an equitable distribution state, Nebraska family law dictates that each person has a right to a fair share of the marital property.

So what is a fair share of marital assets? Since no two marriages are alike, every division of property will also differ. Typically, a judge will consider many different factors -- including how long a couple was married and whether children are involved -- when deciding how to equitably distribute property. While not necessarily even, the final division is usually considered fair.

Don't neglect yourself during a divorce

It is all too easy to put your life on hold when you are going through a divorce. The decisions you have to make during this solemn process can impact the rest of your life. This means you need to give special and intensive consideration to each of these choices you have to make.

As you go through the divorce, you must ensure that you are taking care of yourself. Failing to do so can wreck your health and it can impact your children. Here are some points for you to remember about self-care during a divorce:

We help simplify complex property division during divorce

Assets, no matter how large or small, can be understandably important to people. Whether focused on a home, business interests or another important asset, divorce can create a significant amount of stress. No one in Nebraska wants to feel as though they are forking over everything they own during asset division, which makes it incredibly important to understand how equitable distribution works.

Despite pervasive divorce myths in TV and movies, most people are not forced to hand over everything to their ex-spouse. Instead, you can expect to receive an equitable share of the marital assets while also retaining complete ownership of personal assets. Equitable distribution does not necessarily mean that you will receive an exact 50/50 share, but can instead expect a fair share that is most appropriate for the situation.

Police arrest 78-year-old Nebraska woman for drunk driving

An alleged attempted hit-and-run led police to arrest a Nebraska woman. Accused of driving under the influence in addition to other charges, she is currently being held in lieu of $15,000 bond and could face a possible six years behind bars. These types of serious consequences are not uncommon for drunk driving charges that involve causing bodily harm to another person.

Police were called to the scene of a pedestrian accident shortly before 3 p.m. Responding officers found a 78-year-old woman unconscious behind the wheel of her vehicle, and they were initially under the impression that she had suffered some type of medical emergency. Her vehicle had allegedly left the roadway and jumped onto a median in a construction zone, where it struck a worker who was returning to his vehicle.

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