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Financial mistakes to avoid during divorce

Financial decisions can be difficult at the best of times. Throw in a divorce and people tend to find money matters even more challenging, and some divorcing Nebraska residents may find themselves making poor financial choices during this stressful time. A financial expert offers a few tips regarding common financial mistakes divorcing individuals should avoid, preventing them from having to sort through a financial mess later.

At a time when expenses are high and unexpected costs seem to be popping up, some people may consider cashing in investments or dipping into their 401(k) to improve their cash flow, reasoning that they can simply return the money later. However, people need to remember the substantial tax bill that will likely result from such actions. In the case of a 401(k), a 10 percent IRS penalty will also apply if the individual is under the age of 59 1/2. Above all, taking money away from these areas means altering a financial plan that was in place for a reason.

Nebraska driver facing criminal charges after fatal crash

When most drivers get behind the wheel of a vehicle, they have no intention of causing an accident. However, sometimes a driver can become momentarily distracted, and what began simply as a well-intentioned act becomes a much more complicated situation. Such is the case for a Nebraska man now facing criminal charges after he borrowed an SUV from a friend with the intention of driving it to visit his family in Omaha.

The accident happened after the 54-year-old man left Falls City in the SUV and was in the northbound lane on the highway. Witness reports and a crash reconstruction show that the SUV crossed the centerline into the southbound lane. Meanwhile, a man driving a pickup truck reportedly tried to avoid the SUV by swerving into the northbound lane. When the SUV swerved back into the northbound lane, the two vehicles collided. Two passengers in the pickup truck, identified as the driver's wife and daughter, were killed.

Divorce preparation includes becoming financially informed

When a couple marries, each partner typically assumes the union will last a lifetime, but sadly, statistics indicate that this is not always the case. Because the outcome of marriage is never guaranteed, married Nebraska residents are wise to consider and prepare for the possibility of being on their own. Even if an individual is already considering divorce, he or she can benefit from the following tips and become as informed as possible before the split happens. Many people, especially women, report feeling unprepared for the financial aftermath of their divorce. Being financially savvy can help individuals avoid some of the stress one can experience in this area post-divorce.

Ideally, both partners should be involved in the finances of a marriage, including day-to-day money management, bank accounts, assets and liabilities, and details of life insurance policies, retirement funds and the like. If a couple uses a financial advisor, it is smart for both partners to attend all meetings and take part in decision-making and planning. If either or both partners are considering divorce and this level of involvement has not been the case throughout the marriage, it is never too late to become better informed.

Unmarried fathers can still step up as dads in Nebraska

Being a dad isn't an easy job. Raising children places a lot of demands on your time and your personal resources, including your income. However, it is also one of the most rewarding things you could do with your life. Being part of your child's life is important for you, as well as for your child.

If you are not married to the mother of your child, enforcing your rights as a father can become more complicated, especially if you do not have a positive relationship with the mother. Thankfully, Nebraska does have laws in place that protect the rights of fathers, even if they are not married to the mothers of their children. To benefit from that protection, you must establish paternity, or prove that you are the father.

Drunk driving allegations follow Nebraska crash

Car accidents can happen at any moment of the day or night. Even drivers that follow all safety recommendations can sometimes become momentarily distracted, which is all it takes to drift slightly, entering oncoming lanes of traffic. Unfortunately, a recent crash in Nebraska has resulted in a fatality and criminal charges due to drunk driving allegations.

The accident happened one evening on a day in mid-October. According to reports, a 28-year-old man was driving a pickup truck in the eastbound lanes of a Nebraska road. The driver reportedly allowed the vehicle to cross over into oncoming traffic, striking a westbound car.

Nebraska woman charged with attempted murder of mother

Mother-daughter relationships can often be complicated. Even pairs who love each other may not always agree on all matters. Despite experiencing discord, violence is relatively rare. However, prosecutors in Nebraska have charged a woman with attempted murder, claiming that she shot her mother with a BB gun.

The incident that led to the woman's arrest reportedly happened at approximately 11:30 p.m. on a day in early October. Police claim that a 37-year-old woman called them, claiming to have heard gunshots. Upon arrival at the room, the officer reportedly observed the alleged victim attempting to back out of a parking spot. Her daughter is said to have left the scene.

Child custody considerations in Nebraska

Parents in Nebraska often find themselves unhappy in their relationships. Often, they ultimately make the decision that ending their romantic relationship is in the best interest of all parties involved. Often, taking such a step ensures that parents are happier which can lead to a better quality of life for children. However, once that decision is made, there are many more that must follow, especially regarding child custody and support.

There are three separate custody-related issues that are considered when when creating a child custody agreement: legal custody, physical custody and parenting time. Legal custody gives the parent the right to have a say in many important decisions related to the child, including medical care and religion. Without legal custody, a parent is unable to communicate with a child's school regarding his or her performance or seek medical treatment.

Chemical testing during DUI stops in Nebraska

Getting pulled over for impaired driving in Nebraska can be a terrifying experience. People often wonder about their rights during such an interaction, especially since field sobriety tests can often be somewhat subjective. After all, anything from anxiety to pre-existing medical conditions could make someone appear impaired when they are not actually.

It is totally normal for someone in that situation who wants to avoid doing anything to further incriminate themselves. That could extend to refusing chemical testing requested by an officer during a stop. Before you attempt to assert your rights by refusing chemical testing during an impaired driving traffic stop in Nebraska, you should familiarize yourself with the laws and legal precedent related to doing so.

Fatal Nebraska crash results in criminal charges, plea deal

When a person is accused of a crime, there are often many different decisions to make. For many people, one of the most important choices related to criminal charges is whether to fight the charges in court or accept a plea deal, if offered. For example, a man recently chose to accept a plea deal after Nebraska law enforcement officials claim he was intoxicated when he was involved in a fatal accident while driving an all-terrain vehicle.

The incident that led to the 26-year-old man's arrest reportedly happened in June 2017. According to reports, the man had been drinking for several hours prior to the ATV accident. Unfortunately, the accident reportedly resulted in the death of his passenger, a female college student.

Nebraska driver crashes into car, charged with drunk driving

When some drivers hear a siren, they have a temporary moment of panic while they attempt to locate the vehicle and take action to get out of the way as necessary. Unfortunately, one woman reportedly struck another vehicle after the driver of an ambulance in Nebraska turned on the vehicle's sirens. She is now charged with drunk driving.

The incident happened one evening on a day in mid-September. Police reports say that the ambulance driver turned on the sirens as a result of a 28-year-old driver's behaviors. The ambulance driver claims that to have observed the driver almost drive into oncoming traffic. The sirens, according to the report, were an attempt to get the driver to leave the road and to warn others.

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