Experienced Guidance When Life Changes Provoke A Modification

Divorce orders are technically final. However, when a substantial life change causes the original court order to be ineffective, irrelevant or impossible to abide by, a modification may be necessary.

In Nebraska, modifications to court orders can be challenging to pursue. At Whelan Law Office, we can guide you through the process of requesting or arguing against a modified court order. Attorney has assisted families with complicated legal matters since 1990. We can provide a knowledgeable perspective to your case.

Not All Changes May Prompt A Modification

Modifications to court orders are only possible after a substantial life change. Such changes could include:

  • Loss of a job
  • Significant change in the income of one parent
  • Serious illness of a parent or child
  • Serious or permanent disability of a parent or child
  • The wishes of one parent to relocate the child out of state

Other events may also be considered. Courts are often reluctant to modify court orders involving children, including modifying custody agreements or child support orders. Because of this, the changes or events must be significant and well-documented.

We Can Protect Your Interests

When both individuals cannot resolve a modification out of court, the court will decide on the outcome of the dispute. After going through the motions of a divorce or any other family law dispute once, it can be overwhelming to consider going through it again.

We will work to thoroughly assert your story. If your job loss prompted the request for a modification to a child support or spousal maintenance order, we will work to document the reduction in your income, your attempts to find employment and more. If you seek to challenge a modification, we will argue that the original order is necessary to support the needs of you, your children or both.

Mr. Whelan will leverage his decades of experience as a trial attorney to further your case. He is aggressive and prioritizes a swift, efficient resolution, especially when children are involved.

Don’t Face A Modification Alone

Modifications can be stressful to both, request and challenge. An experienced lawyer can protect your interests. Schedule a consultation at our Omaha office. Call us at 402-513-0504 or email us through our online form.