A Strong Defense Against Damaging Charges

When you are accused of domestic violence, the consequences can be rippling and immediate. Even if the charges are false, your future and your reputation are at risk.

At Whelan Law Office, we understand the severity of the charges against you. With a focus on both criminal charges and family law, we can offer a unique perspective on domestic abuse issues. Founding attorney has defended those falsely accused across Nebraska for nearly three decades. He understands what is at stake and will help you effectively navigate through this difficult terrain.

The Challenging Nature Of Domestic Violence Claims

Domestic violence is a catchall term for physical or emotional abuse of an intimate partner, including a current or former spouse or a significant other. While it is commonly associated with violent sexual behavior or assault, it also includes slapping, pushing, or exhibiting emotional or financial abuse against another.

Such accusations are serious for all parties. Calling the police often leads to an arrest. If the accuser wishes to later drop the charges, they will be unable to do so. The case belongs to the state after the accuser files charges.

A Conviction Can Have Steep Consequences

An accusation or charge of domestic violence can be damaging to your reputation. However, a conviction can have significant consequences that can affect your life moving forward, including:

  • The potential to affect existing or disputed child custody agreements
  • Jail time
  • Fines ranging from $1,000 to $25,000
  • The loss of your right to own and operate a firearm

The penalties can increase depending on the accuser and the situation.

A Compassionate Advocate For You

A false domestic violence accusation can make it seem like nothing you say or do matters. We ensure your voice is heard. While domestic violence claims are often difficult to prove without third-party witnesses, we will investigate the claim and form a strong defense strategy for you.

We will also advise on steps to take throughout the duration of the case. If the accuser has a restraining order against you, violating that order in any way, even if they contacted you first, can result in your immediate arrest. Ensuring you have no contact can keep the case on the charges at hand, rather than introducing additional distractions.

Speak With A Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

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