Criminal defense options for Nebraska man after ATV police chase

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Police pursuits followed by helicopters make riveting television viewing. These incidents frequently take place in bigger cities with higher crime rates. Viewers may watch as a driver leads police along congested highways and into residential neighborhoods, finally abandoning the vehicle to attempt to escape on foot. Meanwhile, television pundits may tabulate the number of crimes committed during the pursuit and speculate about the criminal defense options of the person in flight.

Nebraska viewers may not have seen helicopter footage of a recent police chase, but some may have seen the 30-minute pursuit passing through their neighborhoods and even their yards. Police chased a 24-year-old man who was riding a four-wheeler that was apparently reported stolen. The chase apparently began around 3 p.m. when officers made contact with the man and attempted to stop him. According to a press release, the man fled on the ATV, and police gave chase.

The press reports that the pursuit continued through the residential area, at times traveling through people’s yards and nearby fields, until the ATV operator allegedly abandoned the vehicle and ran into a nearby apartment building. Police say they found him hiding in an apartment after he had apparently kicked in the door, and they arrested him peacefully. The man faces numerous charges, including felony theft, criminal trespassing and fleeing arrest.

While a police chase may be exciting to watch from the safety of one’s home, having police pursue you can be a terrifying experience. No matter the reasons why the man fled, he now faces serious charges that could impact the rest of his life if he is convicted. Rather than fleeing, a better option for Nebraska residents facing legal issues is to contact an attorney for advice about building a strong criminal defense.  

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