Elderly couple face drug charges after traffic stop

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Nebraska police say that a traffic stop led to the arrest of an out-of-state elderly couple. The couple were allegedly transporting a large amount of marijuana and concentrated THC. Although they are both facing drug charges, only the husband was arrested and taken to jail. He has since posted bail.

On Dec. 19, 2017, police apparently observed the 80-year-old man make a left-hand turn without signaling, after which he briefly drove on the opposite side of the road. Officers then initiated a traffic stop and, after speaking with the driver and his 70-year-old wife, mentioned that their vehicle smelled of marijuana. Police say the couple replied that they were taking marijuana to their family and friends for Christmas.

Approximately 60 pounds of marijuana, which police valued at about $300,000, was discovered in the couple’s vehicle. Reportedly, there were also several concentrated THC containers, but it is not clear exactly how much. Both husband and wife were cited for marijuana possession with the intent to deliver as well as for a drug tax charge, which comes out to $100 for every ounce of marijuana. Medical problems prevented Nebraska authorities from booking the wife in jail, though she was issued a notice for court that she must attend.

Drug charges can have severe consequences regardless of which stage of life a defendant might be in. Jail time, fines and a criminal record can have profoundly negative impacts on a person’s life, and may prevent the individual from living life as fully as he or she would like. Nebraska defendants who take the time to carefully review their charges under the guidance and support of an experienced counsel are usually in a better position to achieve the best possible outcome given a particular situation.

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