DUIs affect you socially, at work and at school

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You’re a young adult, and although you’re over the age of 21, you’re still in school and building your life. You get to make all the decisions you want legally, and no one else has a say.

The problem is that many young adults like yourself still make mistakes. Those mistakes could end up costing you more than a fine or a few days in jail. For example, getting a DUI could ruin your last year or few years of college, hurt your job prospects or impact your social standing among colleagues or friends.

Why do DUIs affect you at school?

First, remember that most authorities will report DUIs to your college or university. As a result, if your scholarships or funding rely on a clean criminal record, you could lose your right to them. If you lose your scholarships or federal funding, you could find yourself unable to afford the last year of school or have to take out substantial loans to cover it.

Another issue is that a DUI could affect your ability to attend school. Sometimes, schools will suspend or expel students who get DUIs, depending on the case.

Finally, you could be affected at college if your colleagues or friends know about the DUI. The DUI may hurt your job prospects, and these individuals may not want to give you references or suggest you for positions.

How does a DUI affect your work?

You could lose your access to professional licenses, which would limit your job prospects down the line. If you currently drive for work or drive to get to work, you will need to arrange different transportation or could lose your job since you’re unable to drive to complete it.

A DUI has an effect on all areas of your life. Although it may be a small mistake in the grand scheme of your life, it can have a lasting impact. A strong defense can help prevent unnecessary damage from coming to your reputation or future.