Nebraska traffic stop leads to drug charges

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If asked, every single person in Nebraska and across the country would likely admit to understanding the importance of certain traffic laws, such as stopping at a stop sign or obeying the speed limit. However, most people would also admit that they have, at some time in their lives, rolled through a stop sign or driven slightly faster than legally allowed. Despite not following traffic laws, these acts are not typically events that lead to an arrest. Unfortunately, such was not the case of a traffic stop that recently led to the arrest of four people on drug charges.

The event that led to the arrests happened on a day in mid-February. According to reports, a Nebraska State Patrol trooper claims to have witnessed a driver who failed to stop at a stop sign. As a result, a traffic stop was conducted, and the trooper reported that a smell of marijuana was coming from the vehicle.

Because of the trooper’s claims, a search of the vehicle was conducted. Reports indicate that 4 pounds of marijuana and a gun that had been reported stolen were discovered. Four people — ranging in ages from 18 to 21 — were arrested on drug charges. Two of them of them face additional charges because of the alleged discovery of the weapon.

Unfortunately, the young people likely have little knowledge regarding their legal options following their recent arrest on drug charges. Because the decisions that they make now could potentially have a significant impact on the rest of their lives, they may want someone with experience with such cases to help them choose to most appropriate options for their personal situations. Additionally, such a professional can help these defendants determine if they may have been treated unlawfully in the events leading up to and following their arrest.

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