Vacation plan pointers for divorced parents

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Getting away from your normal humdrum life when you go on vacation is an excellent way to experience new things and make memories. For parents who are divorced, it is also a time of challenges, as you have to factor child custody matters into the vacation plan.

Top priorities when you are on vacation are having fun and making memories as a family while keeping your children safe. Here are some points to consider while you are enjoying your time away from home:

Plan for communication with your ex

Even though you are on vacation, your children will likely want to speak with their other parent. Make plans for how you are going to make this happen. While you might not be able to set a schedule for the phone calls, you should consider getting your ex’s schedule so that you can have the kids call when their other parent isn’t working or busy. The communication can occur through a phone call, video chat or any other means upon which you and your ex can agree.

Have an emergency plan

You need to make sure that you have an emergency plan in place just in case something happens. The plan should include how medical care will be handled if the child gets sick or injured. Having appropriate insurance cards and similar documents is important. You might also need to have the contact information for the other parent in case something happens to you. Making these plans now can help you to feel more secure as you venture out to try new things.

Find ways to share memories

Your children can share memories of the trip with their other parent, but it might be helpful if you find ways to help them share those. Taking pictures for them to share or finding meaningful souvenirs might make it easier for them to let your ex know about the vacation. Consider having your children make a journal of the vacation to make it easier to remember everything when everyone gets back home.

You might not be required to share your vacation plans with your ex, but it is still a good idea to do this. Think about what you’d like to know if your ex was the one taking your children on vacation, and share that information.