Criminal defense: 4 face criminal charges following home invasion

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Accusations of a crime can have serious long-term consequences. The decisions that a person makes after being charged with a crime will most likely impact the rest of his or her life. In fact, four people in Nebraska are likely considering their criminal defense after they were recently arrested on charges of robbery.

The incident that led to their arrest happened on a day in late April. According to police, they received a call about an invasion robbery just prior to midnight. The four 19-year-olds who were in the home at the time of the alleged invasion claim that one of them had been involved in a disagreement with one of the defendants via a phone call earlier in the day.

They claim that four people entered the home uninvited and demanded that they empty their pockets. One of the four people who entered the home allegedly began beating one of the victims until he fell on the floor. The alleged assault is said to have continued with the assailant kicking the victim in the head until he became unconscious. Police say that they have since arrested the four people who entered the home; they all face a charge of robbery while one of them faces an additional charge of first-degree assault.

Unfortunately, the criminal justice system can involve lengthy and complicated processes. Those people in Nebraska without appropriate training are often unsure about the best way to proceed following an arrest. As a result, they often seek guidance from an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help ensure that they are able to make informed decisions about the direction their case will follow.

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