Nebraska college student faces drug charges

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College is often an adventurous time for many people in Nebraska and across the country. Often, young students are allowed independence while they meet new people with diverse backgrounds and learn about new subjects. Unfortunately, one college student is now likely considering his options now that he faces drug charges.

The 19-year-old male is a college student at a Nebraska community college. According to reports, Nebraska State Police conducted a “K-9 sniff” at a campus parking lot, reportedly after receiving a request from the community college. Police claim that the dog detected a controlled substance from a vehicle. A search of the vehicle reportedly resulted in the discovery of drug paraphernalia and two grams of marijuana.

Following the search of the vehicle, a search of the car owner’s dorm room was conducted. Reports indicate that marijuana, suspected marijuana edibles, hash butter, a large amount of money and what is believed to be LSD were recovered in the room. The young man was arrested and now faces multiple charges, including possession of hashish with intent to deliver. Additional charges may be added once lab tests are completed.

Unfortunately, a teenager who has likely had little experience with the criminal justice system may be unaware of how the criminal justice system works. Often, the process can be complicated. Fortunately, there are professionals with experience with cases involving drug charges who can ensure that defendants are able to make informed decisions about their cases. Such professionals can also examine all the details of a case and help determine if a defendant’s rights were violated.

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