2 face charges following Nebraska robbery

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When a person is suspected of a crime, he or she often faces a difficult road ahead. Often, the individual must make decisions he or she does not feel prepared to make. Yet, those decisions could have a significant impact on the rest of the individual’s life. Unfortunately, two people may now be in this position after they were accused of being involved in a robbery in Nebraska.

Police say that a 20-year-old man and a 39-year-old woman were driving around a Nebraska neighborhood when the man went into a home, taking two pairs of shoes and a hat. Reports say that the pair then went to another house where the man knocked on the door. The woman who answered claimed she was knocked down and her purse was taken.

According to police, the pair left the house in stolen vehicle. Though police reportedly found them later, the suspects fled, and the pursuit was ended. However, they were allegedly found again later on, and the vehicle was stopped with the deployment of spike strips. The man allegedly attempted to flee the scene on foot, but he was taken into custody.

In addition to the allegation that the man and woman were involved in the robbery, both are suspected of multiple other charges, including drug possession. Over the next weeks, they will have to make several decisions, including whether to fight the charges in court or negotiate for a plea deal. Without legal training, many people facing similar charges struggle with these decisions. Fortunately, there are experienced criminal defense attorneys who can help them fully understand their options.