Pair face drug charges after Nebraska arrest

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2018 | Drug Charges |

Pedestrians in Nebraska and other areas of the country likely find a great deal of interesting objects along the road as they walk. While the type of objects found likely vary, they are likely more in line with everyday litter rather than being something that may be illegal. However, reports indicate that one pedestrian claims to have discovered an illegal substance, resulting in drug charges against two people.

The alleged discovery is said to have happened in January. According to reports, a pedestrian on a Nebraska interstate is said to have found a package of marijuana that allegedly fell from a flatbed trailer. The trailer was reportedly pulled by a pickup truck.

A state trooper apparently initiated a traffic stop following the incident. He reportedly discovered a false bottom underneath the trailer. Police say that the compartment contained 122 pounds of marijuana, estimated by law enforcement to be worth $366,000.

Two people were arrested as a result of the alleged discovery, the 49-year-old male driver and 29-year-old female passenger both of whom are from out-of-state; both were charged with felony distribution of marijuana, charges to which they both recently pleaded no contest. They could spend 20 years in prison as a result of the drug charges. Unfortunately, cases such as this often carry serious consequences. Many people in Nebraska feel uncertain about the decisions facing them, and some may choose not to fight the charges if they feel there is sufficient evidence to convict them. Because of the complexity of such cases, many people want an experienced criminal defense attorney on their side, providing advice on all their options.