Nebraska State Patrol car chase leads to drug charges

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2018 | Drug Charges, Firm News |

A police chase involving several Nebraska State Patrol troopers and three people in a vehicle ended with several charges, as well as minor injuries suffered by a trooper. An accumulation of incidents contributed to the various charges, including drug charges. The chase began due to a trooper’s observation and reportedly ended with a discovery of drugs.  

The incident happened late one Saturday night in central Nebraska. A trooper pulled over the vehicle, a Lincoln LS, as he noticed fictitious license plates and an open trunk. During the traffic stop, the male driver proceeded to leave the scene, allegedly reaching a high speed. This action led to the chase involving several troopers. One of the troopers suffered minor injuries when the suspect vehicle hit one of the cruisers during the chase; he was later treated in hospital and released.

According to reports, the Lincoln finally stopped when one of the troopers employed a tactical maneuver. All three occupants were then taken into custody. During a vehicle search, troopers found methamphetamine, leading to charges for the two men and a woman.

These three people now face drug charges, a situation that may seem overwhelming to them at this point. The driver may be feeling particularly so, as he has also been arrested on several counts, including willful reckless driving, resisting arrest and other charges. Under stressful conditions such as these, and presumably with little knowledge of Nebraska law, these people may not fully understand their rights. A visit with an experienced criminal attorney who can review an individual defendant’s case details may provide clarity and help plan the best approach to the charges.