Woman charged with hiding evidence related to drug charges

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2019 | Drug Charges |

Relationships can be complicated under the best of circumstances, but when one person is involved in a criminal situation, even more so. At such a time, emotions typically become amplified, and that person’s friend or partner may instinctively want to do whatever is necessary to make the situation easier for the incarcerated party. However, in these types of situations, a sense of misplaced loyalty will often just lead to further trouble for all involved parties. This may be what happened following an incident in which two Nebraska men were arrested and are facing drug charges, and a woman now also faces serious charges for allegedly concealing evidence related to the case.

Recently, the Western Nebraska Intelligence and Narcotics Group task force investigated a Nebraska residence. During the search, they allegedly uncovered nearly 247 grams of suspected methamphetamine and nearly 16 grams of suspected marijuana, leading to the arrest of two men. Reportedly, authorities then discovered evidence of phone calls between one of the suspects and a woman, during which, allegedly, he asked her to destroy evidence.

After obtaining a search warrant, officers found several objects in the woman’s home, including a DVR surveillance system, supposedly from the home of one of the suspects, and debit cards allegedly belonging to the two suspects. As a result, the woman is now facing charges of tampering with physical evidence. She recently appeared in court, and bail was set at $5,000.

This woman and these two men are facing charges that could have serious consequences, and depending on their familiarity with the legal system, they may not know how best to proceed. It is crucial that they are fully informed of all their options and the potential consequences of each. Fortunately, these people and other Nebraska residents who find themselves in need of legal advice due to drug charges or other types of criminal charges can consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Such a professional can examine all aspects of the case and help to determine the best course of action under the circumstances.