Addressing theft charges in a job interview

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Life after a criminal conviction requires tenacity, but the good news is that anyone has the power to overcome their past. One of the most important things they can do is to find employment.

Preparing for a job interview and knowing that questions about a theft charge will probably come up can cause anxiety and worry. However, with the right tools people formerly charged with theft can interview with confidence.

Understanding the charge

The punishment for committing theft in the state of Nebraska varies depending on the circumstances. In fact, according to the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature, theft is a single offense even though there are numerous ways to commit it. Examples include retail theft, identity theft and property theft among others. People who clearly define the nature of their charges on an application may prevent unnecessary questions about their past.

Knowing what to say

One of the biggest mistakes that people can make is to overshare details about their conviction. They do not have to share anything unless the interviewer asks first. Even then, they can filter their content to address the question without sharing irrelevant or condemning information. People can practice answering certain questions ahead of time. Formulating a thoughtful yet concise answer can help them feel both prepared and confident to address their past without stumbling on their words.

According to Career Trend, experts recommend that people focus the discussion on their qualifications and skills. When asked about their theft charges, they can answer the question, but then transition into what their experiences taught them. They can highlight how their past has enabled them to strengthen valuable skills and how those skills will make a difference in the workplace.