3 shopping mistakes that can lead to theft charges

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Numerous different behaviors could leave to shoplifting allegations in Nebraska. When most people think of shoplifting, they picture a teenager sticking a pair of sunglasses in their pocket or hiding mascara inside their clothing. However, shoplifting can involve adults stealing high-ticket items as opposed to teens pocketing small products.

Many behaviors technically constitute shoplifting under Nebraska state law. Any of the three mistakes below at a retail shop might lead to suspicion of attempted shoplifting. 

Trying on accessories

You obviously need to put on a pair of sunglasses and see if they flatter your face. Unfortunately, if you try on sunglasses or jewelry and then get distracted, walking away from the display with those items on your person might lead to loss prevention or management stopping you. 

Getting creative with how you carry things

You intend to purchase a large storage tub, so it might just make sense that you stick the other items in the bigger item as you shop. However, this behavior also has a strong association with shoplifting. Loss prevention or security might interrupt your shopping to detain you because you put one item inside another. 

Loading up your shopping cart

Some shoplifters will use the cart as part of their theft. They might overfill the cart with expensive items and then run out the doors. Others may use the basket or shelves underneath the main cart to hide items from a cashier.

The suspected attempt to shoplift can lead to an arrest even if you never leave the store. Understanding what innocent shopping behaviors could put you at risk of theft charges can help you protect yourself at retail shops.