Tips for landing a job after a criminal conviction

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Trying to find a job without a criminal conviction is hard enough. After being convicted of a crime, you may think finding gainful employment is impossible. However, even those who have a criminal background deserve a job.

Today, employers are more willing than ever to give individuals with a criminal past a chance. While this is true, you can do a few things to help increase your odds of landing a good job after a Nebraska criminal conviction.

Don’t lie about your past

You may be tempted to lie or hide the whole truth when applying for a job, thinking it will increase your odds of being hired. Unfortunately, if your employer discovers what you did (and they likely will), it will probably have the opposite effect. Be upfront, honest, and transparent about your past. Employers will appreciate your honesty and take it as a sign you are ready to work.

Let your employer know what you learned from your past

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s important to show you have learned from your mistakes. Let your employer know how you have learned from the criminal conviction and how you have turned your life around.

Rely on your network

You don’t have to have a professional network to benefit from referrals and references. If an employer is hesitant to hire a convicted felon, a referral from a friend or family member may help change their mind. Rely on people you know to help you during this transitional period.

Landing the job

There’s no question that a criminal background can be troublesome to overcome in some aspects of life. While this is true, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Once you land a job, it’s up to you to show your employer they made the right decision by working hard and being a model employee.