What to do if you are accused of domestic abuse

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

Accusations of domestic abuse, whether true or false, can have a serious impact on your future.

Think carefully about the actions you take in the timeframe immediately following a claim that you abused your spouse or partner.

1. Contact an attorney

Since charges associated with domestic violence involve serious repercussions, it is wise to contact an attorney immediately. Reach out to a lawyer with experience in criminal law to retain legal services and be sure to follow their advice precisely.

2. Follow any court orders

Even if you believe the accusations made against you are false, you must abide by any orders issued by a court. If the court issues an order of protection, you absolutely must honor it and stay away from whoever appears on it. Failing to follow a court order could lead to additional legal headaches for you.

3. Gather witnesses and documentation

Work with your legal team to gather character witnesses who will testify on your behalf. Neighbors, friends, family members and even strangers who saw an altercation can serve as eyewitnesses to altercations (or lack thereof) between you and the plaintiff.

In some cases, the abuser claims to be the victim of abuse. If this is the issue you face, find any record you can of the abuse you suffered at your accuser’s hand. This could include photos, medical records or written conversations documenting a fight or harm that came to you.

People accused of domestic abuse need to swiftly act in their own interest. Follow court orders and begin building your defense to give yourself a chance at beating the charges.