Woman charged with felony drunk driving after accident

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When criminal charges are on the table, the facts are crucial. Nebraska police have a duty to investigate carefully and proceed with caution. After a motor vehicle accident, for example, officers must question any witnesses to determine what really happened. One Nebraska woman is facing drunk driving charges after an accident that injured her child.

The 22-year-old woman says she was driving on a Nebraska interstate around 11 p.m., accompanied by her son in the back seat and a woman passenger. The women apparently began to argue, and the driver claims the passenger grabbed the steering wheel and turned the car into a light pole. When police arrived at the scene, the women were gone. Officers say they located them at a nearby medical center where they had somehow taken the driver’s child, who had suffered severe head trauma.

The passenger’s story apparently contradicts the driver’s. She originally claimed she was asleep at the time of the accident. As authorities questioned the women, police reported noticing the odor of alcohol on both of them. The driver’s blood alcohol test subsequently registered .198, which is more than twice the legal limit for a DUI charge.

Now facing charges of drunk driving and causing serious bodily harm and driving under the influence with a minor, the woman’s future is on the line. She may even end up having to fight for the custody of her child. Anyone in Nebraska facing felonies associated with a DUI incident would benefit from the advice of a criminal defense attorney.

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