YouTube parents lose child custody after videos go viral

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YouTube fans and opponents in Nebraska and across the country formed varying opinions of a man and woman who posted videos of so-called pranks on their five children. Two of the children, who are not the biological children of the woman, seemed to receive the worst of the pranks. The videos often included the parents screaming and swearing at their children, accusing them of doing things they did not do and breaking their toys. Those parents are now facing child custody issues.

The children’s biological mother, who lives in another state, said she lost custody of the two children after contentious litigation with the man, to whom she was not married. When she saw the videos in October, she says she reported them to the police in her home state, but the incidents were not within that agency’s jurisdiction. However, it did not take long before the videos spread across the country, and people expressed outrage at what they perceived was child abuse for entertainment.

Other YouTubers helped the couple’s videos go viral, catching the attention of police and family agencies in the family’s area. Emergency custody was granted to the biological mother, and she flew to the children’s location to retrieve them. She revealed that the children were not happy to see her because their father had allegedly told them their mother did not love them and had given them up.

It is not clear if the couple will challenge the court’s decision to give custody of the children to their biological mother. While most parents in Nebraska do not share their family struggles with the public, many face the confusion and uncertainty of child custody battles. Those who need assistance in fighting for the best interests of their children often contact an attorney who will represent them and protect their parental rights.

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