Man protests child custody situation outside courthouse

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2017 | Child Custody, Firm News |

Some parents in Nebraska may be grateful for a man in another state who has taken a public stand outside a courthouse in his area. The man is calling for 50/50 child custody laws, saying children need both parents, and parents deserve equal time with their children. The way it stands, not every child custody arrangement includes equal amounts of time with both parents.

The man says that, unless there are extenuating circumstances that lead the court to believe such contact would be detrimental to children in some way, then parents who divorce should automatically be granted shared custody in equal time allotments. He says he will continue to fight for changes because he understands that children will be affected by such situations long after he’s gone from this world. In this and all other states, the court is the final voice of authority in all child-related matters.

Some parents come up with their own custody plans, then simply submit their proposals to the court for approval. Others have difficulty reaching agreements, in which cases they leave the decisions entirely up to the court. Either way, once the court approves a plan or hands down a ruling, both parents must adhere to the terms set therein, whether they like it or not.

If a parent in Nebraska wishes to request modification of an existing child custody order, it’s possible to do so. However, just because a request is made doesn’t mean the court will grant it. One of the best means for rectifying problems related to custody in divorce is to ask an experienced family law attorney to advocate on one’s behalf in court.

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