You deserve vigorous representation for child custody matters

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There is much to consider when filing for divorce, including who will get the marital home, how to ensure a secure financial future and much more. However, for Nebraska parents, there is usually one issue that takes front and center — child custody. We understand just how important your children are to you, and how a parenting plan can help make sure that their best interests are respected.

Parenting plans are key to protecting children after a divorce and provide clear details concerning physical custody, where children will spend their time and with whom. This covers more than just mom getting some days of the week and dad getting others. Parents can easily plan out where children will spend certain holidays, summers and school vacations, who will pick up and drop children off at school and even which parent will be responsible for staying home with a sick child.

Legal custody is also addressed within parenting plans. Unlike physical custody, which determines what time a child will spend with which parent, legal custody determines how to make decisions on a child’s behalf. This could relate to a where a child attends school, which religious institution — if any — he or she attends and any other major decision that will influence their life. Many parents share joint legal custody even if physical custody is not equally shared.

In most cases, the Nebraska family law courts prefer that parents attempt to mediate a parenting plan under the guidance of their respective counsels. Having an expert on your side during these matters is essential to navigating the often-complex world of family law. Should mediation over child custody not produce an agreeable plan, having an advocate on your side as you fight for your child’s rights can be invaluable piece of the puzzle.