Drunk driving charge follows Nebraska car accident

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Anyone who has driven knows how easy it is to exit the lane in which he or she is driving. Often something as simple as a slight curve in the road can cause such an event. However, a man in Nebraska now faces allegations of drunk driving after an incident between two cars sent a woman to the hospital.

The accident happened just before midnight on a day in early February. According to reports, a vehicle driven by a 30-year-old man drifted out of its lane. As a result, it allegedly struck the driver’s side of another vehicle, causing both cars to veer to the right and strike a concrete barrier.

A passenger in the second vehicle, a 63-year-old woman, was transported to the hospital due to a serious leg injury, while the driver of that vehicle fled the scene. The driver of the first vehicle now faces several charges. Charges include second-degree driving under the influence, failure to maintain his lane and driving on a suspended license.  

The aftermath of an accident such as this can be overwhelming for those involved. Because a person might have a previous criminal history or an accident happened at a certain time of day, it may be easy for officials to make assumptions about the cause of a recent accident. However, assumptions alone are insufficient to prove that a person is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt — the standard required to convict someone of a crime. Because of the potential consequences of a conviction, those in Nebraska facing allegations of drunk driving and other criminal charges often ask an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent them.

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