Nebraska woman claims man who struck her was drunk driving

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Car accidents can happen at any moment in time. Even when a driver thinks that he or she is relatively alone on a Nebraska street, an accident can still occur. Unfortunately, a woman who claims she suffered minor injuries in a recent car crash says that the man driving the car that struck hers was drunk driving.

According to reports, the incident happened during the early morning hours of a day in early April. A woman claims that she was driving to her friend’s house when she came to a stop at a traffic light. According to her, she didn’t notice anyone else on the road except for some headlights in the distance behind her.

Unfortunately, she claims she was struck from behind by a vehicle. The driver allegedly drove away from the scene. Police, however, reportedly arrested a 43-year-old man soon after on several different charges, including driving without a license and driving under the influence. According to the woman, she suffered only minor injuries such as bruises and a cut on her head that required staples.

The alleged victim also told media sources that law enforcement members informed her that the man accused of drunk driving in the incident was a repeat offender, including multiple prior arrests resulting in driving under the influence charges. It is unclear if the woman’s claims were otherwise verified. Most people in Nebraska have little familiarity with the criminal justice system. To help the man adequately respond to the allegations against him, he may choose to seek guidance from a professional who does have such experience.

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