Nebraska driver crashes into car, charged with drunk driving

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

When some drivers hear a siren, they have a temporary moment of panic while they attempt to locate the vehicle and take action to get out of the way as necessary. Unfortunately, one woman reportedly struck another vehicle after the driver of an ambulance in Nebraska turned on the vehicle’s sirens. She is now charged with drunk driving.

The incident happened one evening on a day in mid-September. Police reports say that the ambulance driver turned on the sirens as a result of a 28-year-old driver’s behaviors. The ambulance driver claims that to have observed the driver almost drive into oncoming traffic. The sirens, according to the report, were an attempt to get the driver to leave the road and to warn others.

However, the woman’s vehicle is said to have struck another vehicle that also pulled off the road as a result of the sirens. The woman is said to have had difficulty walking and slurred speech at the scene. One officer claims that her blood alcohol content level was .427. It is unclear if any injuries were suffered in the collision.

When a person in Nebraska is suspected of drunk driving, officers often perform a Breathalyzer test. Though convenient in that it is noninvasive and can be quickly administered, it is subject to user error; if not properly calibrated, for example, the readings could be inaccurate. As such, those facing criminal charges due to the results of such a device often want to question whether it was properly functioning at the time of its use. In this case, an officer claims that this was the highest reading that he had ever seen while other sources claim that a BAC level over .4 could result in a coma — both factors that could indicate a malfunction. An attorney with experience with such cases can help examine all aspects of such charges and take appropriate action.