Drunk driving allegations follow Nebraska crash

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2018 | Drunk Driving, Firm News |

Car accidents can happen at any moment of the day or night. Even drivers that follow all safety recommendations can sometimes become momentarily distracted, which is all it takes to drift slightly, entering oncoming lanes of traffic. Unfortunately, a recent crash in Nebraska has resulted in a fatality and criminal charges due to drunk driving allegations.

The accident happened one evening on a day in mid-October. According to reports, a 28-year-old man was driving a pickup truck in the eastbound lanes of a Nebraska road. The driver reportedly allowed the vehicle to cross over into oncoming traffic, striking a westbound car.

Unfortunately, the 21-year-old male driving the sedan died at the scene of the collision. A 21-year-old passenger suffered critical injuries and was transported to the hospital. Emergency responders claimed they noticed that the surviving driver exhibited signs of intoxication, though it is unclear what those signs were. The man was taken into custody, suspected of felony motor vehicle homicide.

An unexpected death is always a tragedy. However, some car accidents are a matter of a simple mistake rather than drunk driving, for example. In all cases, there must be sufficient evidence to prove that a person is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. There are experienced criminal defense attorneys that can help a person facing criminal charges in Nebraska fully understand their legal options — including whether to fight the charges in court or plead guilty. Because the criminal justice system can seem overwhelming to those who have little legal training, such professionals can help reduce some of the stress associated with criminal charges.