Establishing paternity in Nebraska

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Being the biological father of a child in Nebraska is not the same as being the legal father of a child. As the biological father, you contributed to your child’s genetic makeup, but when it comes to your child’s on-going mental, physical and emotional development, your role is far from over. If you are not married to your child’s mother and you have not established paternity, you and your child miss out on a number of advantages. 

At Whelan Law Office, we often assist fathers in establishing their legal rights and ensuring that their children receive all the benefits of the relationship. 

According to the State of Nebraska Judicial Branch, your paternity case outcome will include a court order for custody. Joint legal custody allows you to share the decision-making responsibilities with the other parent, and joint physical custody allows you to share parenting time. Sole legal custody relegates the decision-making authority to one parent, and sole physical custody means your child will primarily live with one parent and visit the other. 

Your case will also result in an order for child support and for health insurance, and possibly also for child care and health care expenses, depending on your child’s needs. Your child can receive other financial benefits from his or her relationship with you, as well. With the legal connection, your child becomes your legitimate heir and may inherit from you. He or she also becomes eligible for government benefits and assistance such as Social Security or veterans benefits. You can also put your child on your life insurance policy as your beneficiary. 

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