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3 tips to help kids cope with divorce

Divorces may bring substantial turmoil to the lives of those going through them. The children of divorcing spouses may feel this upheaval even more. How their parents handle things may drastically affect their abilities to cope and how they adjust.  Using these tips...

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Dividing the family business in divorce

Divorce likely means an upheaval in all aspects of an individual’s life. From spending power and parenting time to property and vehicles, the divorcing couple must thoroughly examine assets and debts to reach an equitable split. For many couples, a family business...

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Do you know the risks of grey divorce?

As a couple over 50 considering divorce, you must also consider the unique risks posed to grey divorcees. After all, your life is likely in a much different place compared to a younger couple. This can result in an entirely separate set of expectations, possibilities...

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Can nesting help our divorcing family?

You might be in the process of divorcing your partner, but if you have children with him or her you are partners for life. It is highly likely that the courts will award joint custody, as this is generally in the best interest of the children. However, joint custody...

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