Stress during a traffic stop and DUI charges

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2019 | Drunk Driving |

For some people, dealing with law enforcement officials can be very difficult. They may become overwhelmed by fear and they may be very worried about what will happen next. This can affect people in many different ways, and unfortunately, it can make their situation even worse. For example, a law enforcement official may suspect that someone who is acting nervous or stressed out is guilty or under the influence as a result of their behavior. In fact, stress could even impact someone’s performance on a field sobriety test, for example.

Aside from these concerns, stress can also prevent someone from paying attention to what is happening and ensuring that their rights are not violated. If you are stopped by a law enforcement official who thinks that you have been drinking, it is vital to do your best to keep any stress you have under control. We realize that this can be a very overwhelming position to find yourself in, but strong emotional reactions such as becoming very stressed out can serve to make things worse.

If you were recently stopped and are now facing DUI charges, you should review every detail of the incident (such as whether stress played a role in any way or some other factor affected your circumstances). Moreover, you should do your best to keep your stress under control when preparing for court and dealing with your case. Review our DUI charges page if you are looking for more information on handling a drunk driving case properly. The approach you take could have a huge impact on your future in many ways.