Could a first-time DUI conviction ruin your college career?

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2020 | Drunk Driving |

Nebraska college students have a world of possibilities ahead of them. It is tempting to use this time to experiment and try new things — everything from scholastic endeavors to social life. 

But mistakes at this stage in life can have far-reaching consequences. This is particularly true of any possible DUI convictions. 

Financial repercussions of DUIs

The College Investor states that any DUI conviction could jeopardize a college career. Yes, even a first time conviction can be this serious. Many people mistakenly believe that a first-time offense has fewer penalties. Unfortunately, this is not true. A first offense can net time in jail and other hefty penalties. Some colleges even expel students for a first-time DUI. Others may revoke all financial support and prevent students from using on-campus housing, essentially pricing them out of attendance. 

Damage to career opportunities

Students with a DUI may find that doors to opportunities are shut to them. Many professions do not hire anyone with DUIs on record. This includes government positions, the medical field and jobs that involve childcare. Those with convictions could also end up facing discrimination in the housing market. 

With such dire potential consequences for a DUI charge, it is essential that students and others seek effective legal representation to help minimize the imact of any charges.