3 tips to help kids cope with divorce

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Divorces may bring substantial turmoil to the lives of those going through them. The children of divorcing spouses may feel this upheaval even more. How their parents handle things may drastically affect their abilities to cope and how they adjust. 

Using these tips and putting their children’s interests first may help parents make these changes as smooth as possible for their kids. 

Stay consistent

According to MayoClinic.org, at the end of a marriage, parents may feel tempted to relax the rules. They may think, for example, that this will ease the stress and pressure on their kids. However, children need structure, routine and consistency to thrive. Parents may find it helpful to maintain similar rules in both households following a divorce to better set boundaries and limits for their children. 

Encourage ongoing relationships

According to WebMD.com, divorced parents should encourage their children to maintain healthy relationships with their other parents. For instance, they may suggest they call when they want to chat or have news to share. People may help facilitate these relationships by keeping their children’s other parents up to date on activities and school events so they may attend. 

Keep the kids out of the fight

Parents may help their children by avoiding exposing them to adult issues and conflicts. This may include refraining from confiding in their children about concerns or disputes relating to their divorces and not bad-mouthing their former spouses in front of their children. Such actions may, for example, make their kids feel caught in the middle or affect the parent-child relationships. 

Working together to support their children as they adjust to the major life changes brought on by their divorces may help parents ease the process and ensure the brightest futures possible for their kids.