Want to win child custody? Here’s how

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A win at child custody should mean achieving the best outcome for your child. Yet many parents think it means getting what they want.

It can be challenging to look at custody with a clear mind, especially if your breakup was bitter. Yet, if you can do so, it allows you and your co-parent the chance to come up with an agreement to present to the judge, rather than the judge dictating how it will be.

Let’s say an agreement is not possible: What then?

Here is how you can increase your chances of getting a good amount of time with your child?

  • Do not aim for exclusivity: Unless your ex poses a threat to your child, do not set your sights on full custody. The standard is some form of shared arrangement that allows both parents to continue to be there for their children. A judge may look badly upon you if you try to get it all with total disregard for your co-parent’s rights or wishes.
  • Focus on the good, not the bad: Think of it as an opportunity to show you are a decent parent rather than that your spouse is the world’s lousiest. A judge is not looking for perfection. They know every parent makes mistakes. Focusing on your spouse’s errors makes you sound petty.  Instead, explain the benefits you can give your child and the love you have for them.

Plan and practice for your custody case

Custody hearings can feel stressful. Working with someone who can explain what will happen and perhaps go through a dry run allows you to prepare better, increasing the chance you get a satisfactory outcome.