5 myths about alcohol and drunk driving

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When it comes to alcohol, there are many misunderstandings about the substance. Some of these misunderstandings can cause drunk driving charges. 

To help protect against drunk driving charges, it can help to learn about a few common myths about alcohol and drunk driving: 

Myth 1: Drinking coffee can make you sober

Truth: A large misconception about coffee is that it can sober people up. The truth is that coffee has no such effects. At most, coffee can mask the effects of alcohol

Myth 2: It is better to drink light liquors

Truth: Light liquors may have a lower alcohol content than hard liquors, but they can still raise a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC) levels. Additionally, many people have different tolerances for alcohol. A light liquor could still cause serious alcoholic effects to a driver. 

Myth 3: You can eat food to lower your BAC 

Truth: Many people will try to lower their BAC levels by eating fatty or greasy foods. In theory, this food would absorb alcohol. Bodies still absorb alcohol, but it may be done at a slower speed when there is food in the body. 

Myth 4: Hiding the smell of alcohol can help you pass breath tests

Truth: The police may test a driver’s BAC levels with chemical breath tests. It is often believed that if people hide the smell of alcohol on their breath with gum, mouthwash or breath freshener, it can then pass a breath test. Not only will this not work but using certain breath freshening products can raise a driver’s BAC levels because of the alcohol contained in the product.  

Myth 5: You can use a penny to pass breath tests

Truth: An old myth about breath tests is that they can be tricked with a penny. The trick is done by having a driver suck on a penny. However, there is little evidence proving this works. 

Drunk driving charges have serious implications. Drivers may need to reach out for legal help to learn about their defense options.