Co-parents, it’s time to start planning for the school year

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As summer is now underway in earnest, many families are relishing the break from a rigorous academic school year schedule. However, it’s important for some families to keep the realities of the academic year in mind until they’ve properly prepared for the upcoming school year. Then, they’ll be able to enjoy the summer without the weight of that need to plan hanging over them. 

For co-parents, early preparation can lead to a smoother transition for everyone in the family, better ensuring that everyone is ready for the new academic year. For example, one of the most significant benefits of early preparation is the ability to establish a consistent schedule well before the school year starts. 

After evaluating how this last school unfolded – what went well, what needs improvement – co-parents can discuss and agree on routines for homework, extracurricular activities and bedtimes. By setting these expectations early, children can gradually adjust, making the start of school less jarring. A consistent schedule can also help both parents manage their time and responsibilities more effectively.

Formalizing expectations

The start of a new school year often inspires various expenses, such as school supplies, new clothes and fees for activities. By beginning financial planning at the start of summer, co-parents can budget for these costs and avoid both conflicts about expectations and last-minute financial strain. 

Also, if there have been changes in circumstances, such as new jobs, relocations or shifts in custody arrangements, summer is an excellent time to update a family’s parenting plan. Co-parents can work together (or by seeking legal guidance separately) to revise the plan to reflect their current situation and accommodate the needs of the new school year. This proactive approach helps to ensure that a family’s parenting plan remains relevant and effective.

At the end of the day, starting preparations early can significantly reduce stress and anxiety for both parents and children. Knowing that plans are in place and responsibilities are shared can help everyone feel more secure and ready to embrace summer fun.