Janet Jackson’s divorce may add to her riches

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The Jackson family has been a curiosity for generations. In addition to their musical talent, the siblings have invited positive and negative fan reaction with their lifestyles and romances. Following Michael Jackson’s tragic death, attention turned to his children and his famous sister, Janet. Janet’s latest divorce issues are raising eyebrows in Nebraska as details of her prenuptial agreement come to light.

Unlike many celebrities, Ms. Jackson and her husband, billionaire Wissam Al Mana, made a prenuptial agreement five years ago before their wedding. Apparently, the contract is typical of many such agreements in that it defines the amount of spousal support for which Ms. Jackson would be eligible based on the number of years the couple remained married. In other words, the milestones of five and 10 years each carry a dramatic increase in the amount of support.

Ms. Jackson apparently decided to begin divorce proceedings just a few months after the couple’s five year anniversary, which means she may be able to receive approximately $500 million from her former husband. Ms. Jackson’s own net worth is about $175 million. The couple’s only child was born just three months ago.

While the end of Ms. Jackson’s marriage and the outcome of her ensuing divorce may be shocking to her fans, those in Nebraska who are dealing with their own marriage breakups may not be entertained. Whether one has a solid prenuptial agreement or is concerned about being left with no resources, having a legal advocate throughout a divorce is advisable. An attorney will ensure one’s rights are defended and one’s best interests are protected.

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