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What if you do not want to get divorced?

It is not uncommon for one spouse to want a divorce when the other does not. There are often valid reasons for not wanting to end the marriage. Perhaps you still love the person, maybe you think you can change their mind, or perhaps you are scared of being alone. Yet,...

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Is it hard to get divorced in Nebraska?

The only type of divorce allowed in Nebraska is a no-fault divorce. This means that each divorce is granted on the grounds that the marriage is irretrievably broken. In other words: you and your spouse just can’t get along. A Complaint for Dissolution can be filed by...

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Dividing the family business in divorce

Divorce likely means an upheaval in all aspects of an individual’s life. From spending power and parenting time to property and vehicles, the divorcing couple must thoroughly examine assets and debts to reach an equitable split. For many couples, a family business...

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Do you know the risks of grey divorce?

As a couple over 50 considering divorce, you must also consider the unique risks posed to grey divorcees. After all, your life is likely in a much different place compared to a younger couple. This can result in an entirely separate set of expectations, possibilities...

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Debt and the end of marriage

From child custody to alimony and emotional hurdles, there are many different topics that require one's attention during and after the process of getting a divorce. However, there are multiple issues to consider when it comes to debt. For example, it is important for...

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