Surveys offer interesting divorce predictors

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Predicting the outcome of a marriage is not an exact science. Some couples in Nebraska who seem perfect together may break up in less than a year. Others who have nothing in common have a rich and happy marriage for half a century or more. However, various surveys have provided data that offers some interesting predictors of divorce.

Classic reasons why couples break up include an uneven division of housework and jobs that require a stressful commute. Within the past years, researchers have also connected divorce with the education level of the spouses. People with college educations may have acquired skills in money management and jobs with higher pay, reducing tension over finances.

The studies also offer some strange factors in divorce, including the suggestion that couples who have sons are less likely to divorce than those who have daughters. Women with daughters may leave an unhappy marriage to set an example for their girls. Spending time on social media and developing cyber affairs are relatively new factors that strain a marriage.

No matter the reasons for the breakup of a marriage, the results are similar. Divorce can be an emotional, frustrating experience that places one’s future security on the line. Having the assistance of a Nebraska family law attorney will provide one with an advocate who will protect important rights and interests through every stage of the divorce process. Whether a couple seeks an amicable division of assets or is facing a contentious courtroom battle, an experienced attorney will offer his or her client the appropriate representation for an effective resolution.

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