Will I lose everything in my divorce?

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Deciding to end your marriage can be an extremely emotional experience, and understandably so. However, these emotions can sometimes get in the way of dividing marital property. By better understanding the process, seeking guidance when necessary and remaining vigilant during proceedings, you can make sure that your divorce has the best possible outcome.

You may not realize just how many assets you and your spouse accumulated over the years until it comes time to divide them. Most people in Nebraska know that they will have to figure out what to do with their marital home, but few realize that much more is on the line. Asset division often includes many of the following:

  • Business assets and income
  • Investments
  • Additional real estate, including vacation homes
  • 401(k)s
  • Valuable collections, including art, books and video games

These and other assets must all be divided equitably. Rather than a straight 50/50 split that popular media typically portrays, Nebraska family law mandates that division be fair rather than equal. A fair division for your divorce will look different than it will for others. You may know someone who’s fair distribution of assets came out to a 75/25 split, while yours may more closely resemble 60/40. In some cases, 50/50 may be appropriate.

Feeling attachments to your property is normal, and it can be difficult to come to terms with dividing some of that property up during a divorce. As such, it is important to fully understand what a fair distribution of assets will look like for your divorce. Guidance during this overwhelming time is usually helpful for those struggling with the process.