Can I changed my divorce settlement?

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Deciding to an end a marriage may not be an easy decision, but it is usually the right move for unhappy couples to make. Reaching a settlement at the end of the divorce can feel like closing the door on a less-than-ideal period of life, but for some in Nebraska, it is not necessarily the end. For those who fail to account for the future, modifications to their settlements are often necessary.

For most people, divorce settlements tend to focus solely on the status quo. By assuming that each person’s current income level, expenses and other financial matters are immutable, divorcing couples create rigid agreements that cannot bend with the future. For instance, what happens if one person suddenly loses a job? Or if someone’s housing situation changes?

Brushing over important details can also be disastrous. Parents in particular need to focus on the shared costs of child-rearing, but everyone must address the details of how debts, reimbursements and other bills will be handled. Whether individuals hurry through this process because they are uncomfortable discussing finances or are simply ready to complete their divorce, ignoring these details is not advised. Otherwise, one person might discover that he or she is responsible for far more than expected.

Careful attention to detail and finances is important during divorce. However, it is understandable that some couples may have missed important key features of their settlements, such as how they will handle certain debts or what they will change should one person experience a change in their financial stability. For those individuals, it is possible to go before a Nebraska family law judge seeking a modification that, if granted, would allow both parties to experience a better financial future.