Holiday time can be difficult during and following divorce

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When a couple decides to separate, typically, they need to make many difficult decisions. Parents may find the divorce process particularly challenging, as many of the choices they make will affect the children as well. During the holiday season, many divorcing Nebraska parents will experience additional challenges as they try to keep the season a happy, festive time for their children, while navigating new situations. To help make this time a little easier for everyone, parents can keep a few points in mind.

First and foremost, during holiday time, parents should not try to keep everything the same as usual for the sake of maintaining normalcy for the children, as doing so can actually be confusing for children. Rather, parents are encouraged to create a specific holiday plan well in advance of the holidays. Children (and both parents) should know the game plan regarding division of holiday time, introduction of any new people, etc., to avoid any confusion and/or conflict.

Here are a few other tips to help parents and children facing holiday time post-divorce/separation. Parents should avoid making holiday plans for the children without consulting the other parent. As well, it is best for parents to not use gift-giving time as an attempt to buy their child’s love. Finally, parents need to realize the first year following a divorce is typically the most difficult for everyone, especially children, so it is a good idea to continue some established family traditions during this time, while introducing some new traditions. The goal is to help children understand that their family has not disappeared, while also introducing them to the new family format.

Divorcing (or divorced) parents are wise to forget about trying to make the holidays “perfect,” to focus on what matters most and to be flexible. Holiday time can be difficult for families during and following the divorce process, as parents and children alike may feel sad about changing traditions, but embracing new traditions can be positive as well. Nebraska individuals who are considering divorce or are ready to begin the process can consult with an experienced family law attorney for guidance in making decisions around the holidays and in all other aspects of the divorce process.