After divorce, the healing process takes time and patience

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When a marriage ends, most people experience an emotionally difficult time following the separation, in which a healing process must happen. The nature and duration of such a time varies, depending on many different factors. Nebraska individuals who are or have recently experienced divorce are wise to give themselves a break, recognize their unique nature and realize that “one size does not fit all” when it comes to advice about healing post-divorce. In the spirit of using this time as an opportunity for personal growth, an expert offers some tips to keep in mind during the healing process.

People recovering from a divorce should realize the impact their former partner has had on who they are as a person now. Each relationship in a person’s life influences his or her thoughts, beliefs and attitudes to some degree, and a marriage is a significant relationship that will add to this identity. Divorced individuals may feel the loss of this part of their identity. Although this can often be an emotionally challenging time, people working through it can take this opportunity to discover who they are now by considering such questions as who they were before their marriage and who they are without their partner.

Many divorced individuals benefit from talking to someone else — a friend, family member, or therapist — about their relationship, the break up and its aftermath. By talking through the experience, a divorced person can gain new perspective and perhaps reframe events. As part of the healing process, a person may also reflect on his or her own behavior in the marriage and consider what underlying fears may have been motivating factors in relationship issues.

Most people who have been through separation and divorce will attest to the fact that this is a painful and challenging time. However, it can also be used as a time for growth. In addition to personal reflection, Nebraska residents who are considering divorce or those who are in the process will likely have many questions during this time and may wish to consult with a knowledgeable family law attorney who can guide them through the process.