Agreeing on parenting plan for the child’s benefit in a divorce

On Behalf of | May 16, 2019 | Divorce |

Even when a Nebraska couple’s marriage comes to an end, their relationship with one another does not if they have children together. As potential co-parents, they must come up with a child custody and visitation plan that is in their child’s best interests during the divorce. Since it is hard to accept the new reality of having their children live with them for only a portion of their time rather than full-time, child custody is perhaps one of the most contentious issues in a divorce.

As a result, parents are sometimes unable to come to an agreement on the parenting plan. As per law in Nebraska, a parenting plan must be provided to the court. The parenting plan must demonstrate each parent’s conviction to provide for the child’s needs and their desire to continue a relationship with their child. If the couple is unable to do so, they have to inform the court and the case is then referred to either mediation or specialized alternative dispute resolution.

If the parties develop no parenting plan or if the court does not approve the plan, then it is upon the court to create one. The court develops one on behalf of the parents after holding a hearing in open court and both sides present evidence supporting their case during this hearing.

If parents are able to come to an agreement about the parenting plan, it is often in their best interest as well, as they can make decisions based on their personal circumstances. When it is up to the court, not only does the couple end up arguing about their issues in open court, they also then might be stuck with a parenting plan that doesn’t work for either one of them. Consulting with an experienced attorney may be one way to go forward during divorce proceedings.