Is your spouse hiding assets?

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2019 | Divorce |

If things simply aren’t working out, Nebraskan couples like you may eventually decide that it is time for you to get a divorce. After that, you have other matters to deal with, like determining how you will divide your assets. Unfortunately, not everyone is honest when it comes to divulging their assets.

It isn’t uncommon, especially in high asset divorces, for one spouse to attempt to fudge or cover up some of their assets. In doing so, they won’t have to “share” this portion of their goods, money, property and so on.

There are many ways in which someone may try to hide assets. For example, they could pretend to be paying back a “debt” owed to friends or family members. However, they intend to retrieve the money given to those people after the divorce is finalized. They may also buy expensive items that can be easily overlooked, such as additions to existing collections, antiques, or expensive clothing. Once the divorce is over, they can sell or return these items to get their money back.

Some of these signs can be hard to spot and your best bet may be keeping an eye on your spouse’s interactions with finances. Do they seem like they’re trying to hide something? Are they behaving furtively?

If you have any reason to believe that your spouse may be hiding assets from you, consider giving our web page on divorce a read. You can also contact an experienced attorney who can help you spot signs of hidden assets and inform you of your options if you find your suspicions to be true.